10 Query Tips from Industry Experts – Part 2

Here’s part two of the query tips from authors and agents (taken from #querytip on Twitter).

Saritza Hernandez (@epubagent), “Your ‪#query‬‬ should be about the book and less about you. I’m sure you’re tremendously interesting, but I’m here for your book.”

Sharon Pelletier (@sharongracepjs), “Don’t write in all caps, also please don’t threaten me.‬‬”

Kisa Whipkey (@KisaWhipkey), “Don’t tell me you’ve had your book professionally edited in your query. That translates to ‘I think it’s already perfect.’”

Ali Herring (@HerringAli), “Don’t get auto deleted! I have 35 incomplete queries that did not follow submission guidelines, had attachments, no query letter.”

Katie Teller (@KatieTeller1), “Don’t send emails when you’re drunk… or high… just fyi…‬‬”

E. Latimer (@ELatimerWrites), “When I get a single-spaced, “bold” style font, it makes me incredibly grumpy. And bleary. It also shows lack of research.”

J. Johnson-Blalock (@JJohnsonBlalock), “You need to actually write a query letter. Not just send pages. I won’t read them.”

Arielle Datz (@ArielleMarla), “No need to say, ‘I am querying you because I want to be published.’ This is stating the obvious, and wasting words.‬‬”

Jacquie Flynn (@BookJacquie), “Don’t begin your query apologizing for your inexperience. False humility makes you seem like a time waster‬‬.”

Alec Shane (@alecdshane), “’I was previously agented’ will get you a lot farther than ‘my previous agent submitted this MS everywhere, but couldn’t sell it.’”‬‬

Great advice from peeps in the biz.

Lynnette Labelle
2015 Daphne du Maurier Finalist
2015 Molly Winner

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