10 Query Tips from Industry Experts – Part 1

Here are some query tips from authors and agents (taken from #querytip on Twitter).

Uwe Stender (@UweStender), “It is NEVER ok to comment on the agent’s looks in a query letter even if it is meant as a compliment. It’s creepy. Delete.” FYI, freelance editors don’t like this either. Still creepy.

Janet Reid (@Janet_Reid), “’I have chosen you to be my literary agent’ –works only if you are under ten years old.”

Lane Heymont (@LaneHeymont), “In order to be a great writer you need to put your ego aside.”

Sara Megibow (@SaraMegibow), “Don’t quote another agent in your query. ‘So-and-so liked it’ reads to me as ‘so-and-so passed on it.’”‬

Patricia Nelson (@patricianels), “Occasionally I get queries that specify exactly which publisher the author expects their book to sell to. Cart waaay before horse.”

Katie Teller (@KatieTeller1), “You don’t need to say that your MS is complete. If it’s not, you shouldn’t be querying it.‬”

Kirk Kraft (@KAKraft), “Not every character or story will resonate with every agent. Be willing to accept that going in to the query trenches.”

Uwe Stender (@UweStender), “I enjoy when someone starts their query by telling me how to do my job better. I laugh about it and then I delete it.”

Julia A. Weber (@jawlitagent), “A detail that should be included in your query: your name. (‪#querytip brought to you by me reading a completely anonymous query.)”

‏‪Uwe Stender (@UweStender), “I said it before, I say it again. Don’t query via phone call. I won’t listen to a pitch that way, but I would LOVE to read your email query.”

I’ll do another set of these gems soon.

Lynnette Labelle
2015 Daphne du Maurier Finalist
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