3 Tips on How to Tighten Your Writing

You’ve written a book and are ready to query or enter #PitchWars, right? Well, maybe. Have you revised over and over and over and over again? And then some more? Do NOT send a draft to agents or to enter #PitchWars. However, in case you’re struggling with revisions, including polishing, I’ll give you three tips on how to tighten your writing.

1) Cut filler words like: that, just, really, very, totally, completely, absolutely, literally, basically, start, begin, rather, somehow, quite, somewhat, down/up (as in “sat down” or “stood up”), reach, so (as in “so late”), up (as in “looked up at the ceiling” or “glanced up at the sky”), both (as in “we both went home”), and own (as in “he pinched his own body”).

2) Don’t show every little thing that happens to your characters. We don’t need to see how he got from Point A to Point B, unless something significant happens during that time. It’s okay to end a scene as he gets on the bus and then show him at the store half an hour later, as long as that scene at the store will advance the plot or illuminate the character. Don’t be afraid to skip from the morning to the evening if nothing important happens in between, but make sure to ground the reader so she knows how much time has passed.

3) Layer in setting details instead of dumping them in chunks. The same applies to any sort of description including character descriptions.

Here are some more tips: http://labelleseditorialservices.com/blog/10-ways-to-tighten-your-writing/

All right. Now that you know what to do to tighten your MS, get to it.

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July is a busy month with a lot of traveling. RWA16, here I come! My next post will be July 19. “See” you then.

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