Attending a Writers’ Conference? Plan Ahead

The Romance Writers of America national conference is just around the corner. I. Can’t. Wait. Whether you’re going to that particular conference or another, it’s important to plan ahead. This can be anything from bringing comfortable shoes or a snack to scheduling your days before you get there.

I attended the RWA conference last summer and had a blast. I’d planned ahead somewhat, but I’ll be better prepared when I go in a couple weeks. Why? Because I learned from my experience last year.

Missed networking opportunities.

Had I made plans ahead of time, I would’ve been able to meet up with more writers—the ones I chat with on loops or on Twitter. How cool would that have been to meet them in person?

Well, this year, I’ve gone through the workshops and decided which ones I can’t miss. I’ve left my breakfasts open to mingle with strangers, but I’ve booked my lunches and suppers with writers I “know” from online groups. I’ve arranged a meeting with another freelance editor and I’ve put time aside to hang out with one of my clients. When I look at the list of people I want to see and things I want to do (two awards ceremonies and even a Broadway play!!!), I wonder how I’ll do it all, but I know I can and will. That’s why I put it all down in my calendar.

If you’re planning on attending a conference, what are you looking forward to most?

Lynnette Labelle
2015 Daphne du Maurier Finalist

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2 Responses to Attending a Writers’ Conference? Plan Ahead

  1. Megan Ryder says:

    Like you, I am looking forward to networking opportunities. I hope to meet up with people I’ve “talked to” online and meet new friends.

  2. Lynnette Labelle says:

    Megan: Nothing beats being with our peeps, right?

    Lynnette Labelle
    2015 Daphne du Maurier Finalist

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