Coming Up With a Strong Conflict

Having a hard time coming up with a conflict strong enough to take the characters to the end? Maybe this list can help.

Man Against Man: one character against another (usually one is good and one is evil, but that’s not always the case.)

Man Against Nature: a story about survival.

Man Against Himself: strong internal conflicts, where the character may be fighting an external conflict as well, but must battle his inner demons before the story is over.

-Man Against the Supernatural: the title says it all.

-Man Against Fate: the character has little or no control over the situation and can’t escape his destiny, making this conflict even more difficult to overcome (and difficult for the writer to write in a believable way.)

Man Against Society: when a character goes against mainstream beliefs and values, or laws of a particular society.

Man Against Machine: this conflict is more commonly found in science fiction, where machines have a mind of their own.

Man Against God: this story puts the existence of God and His (or Her) choices into question. Be careful with this one as it’s pretty controversial and must be executed properly so as to not alienate readers.

If you tend to stick to the same type of conflict, you might want to try something different. Hopefully, this list will give you a few ideas.

What conflict do you often write about and why?

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