Conferences: The Best Time to Go

Conferences.Conferences.Conferences.Many writers attend them.Many authors recommend them.But when is a good time to go?Should you jump right in before you’re written your first book?Should you wait until you’re ready to query?Maybe you shouldn’t go until you have a novel to pitch?Perhaps you should hold off until you have an agent and can meet her there?Or maybe it doesn’t even make sense to go unless you have a book to promote?

I suppose I could argue that a writer could go to a writing conference at any one of those times on her writing journey.She simply has to decide what she wants out of the conference and go from there.
A beginner will certainly learn a lot from the workshops and meeting other writers.An intermediate is still learning and would benefit from networking as well.Some people love to pitch their stories in person, while others prefer querying.And who’d want to pass up the opportunity to meet with their agent in person and/or promote their book?
Seriously, is there ever a bad time to go?For those of you who’ve attended writing conferences, what do you suggest?
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