Deets on Pitch Wars

In case you haven’t heard, Pitch Wars is fast approaching. This is a contest where authors and freelance editors (like moi) select ONE author (sans agent) to mentor over a two-month period. It’s a great opportunity for authors because after we’re finished mentoring, there’s an agent round.

Here’s how the process works:

-In June, many mentors did query critiques on Brenda Drake’s blog.

-In July, we’re doing 1st page critiques. (Yes, the samples have already been selected and distributed, so if you didn’t get in on this, it’s too late.)

Note: The point of the critiques is to give writers the opportunity to see our critiquing style so they can get a better feel for who might be a good fit for their work. Plus, who doesn’t want a free critique, right?

-If you haven’t noticed, the Pitch Wars smack talk between mentors has begun. Follow #pitchwars on Twitter to see it.

Note: All smack talk is meant to be silly. These are NOT serious comments. When we say a particular mentor is looking for a certain kind of manuscript, we’re kidding. This includes categories and genres. We’re keeping tight-lipped about which categories or genres we’re going to mentor until the blog hop, so don’t be fooled during our smack talk period.

-August 3: The mentor bio blog hop begins. This is when you can hop from blog to blog to get to know the mentors and finally find out what we’re accepting as submissions. The mentors have selected a category: MG (middle grade), YA (young adult), YA/NA (young adult and new adult), NA (new adult), NA/A (new adult and adult), or A (adult). From there, we’ll break it down into specifics to tell you if we want romance, thrillers, books about kites, a manuscript about a teenage runaway, etc. We’ll also tell you what we don’t want. Pay close attention to these lists. If you submit a YA manuscript to someone who’s accepting A, it will automatically be rejected. We aren’t allowed to take anything that isn’t in our category.

-August 3-August 16: The blog hop is on. Take this time to browse the blogs, but feel free to contact the mentors via social media too. Get to know us. Find out what we like and don’t like. See if we’d be a good fit.

-August 17: The submission window opens. Writers submit their query letter and 1st chapter to FOUR mentors.

-August 17-31: Mentors review applications and may ask potential mentees for additional pages to help them decide which manuscript to choose.

-September 2: The mentors’ choices will be announced.

-September 2-October 31: Mentors work with their mentees.

-November 3-4: Agent round.

See what I mean? Great contest, isn’t it?

You. Must. Enter.

And . . .

Pick me!!!

I won’t be blogging next week because I’ll be traveling to NYC for the Romance Writers of America conference. Woohoo! I can’t wait. I’ll blog again July 28. “See” you then.

Lynnette Labelle

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