Get Ready for Pitch Wars 2016

Guess who’s a Pitch Wars mentor again. *Points thumbs at self* This girl.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, Pitch Wars is a contest Brenda Drake started years ago. It allows writers to work with a mentor for two months so they can polish their manuscript and pitch in preparation for the agent round. During that time, agents will go through the pitches and make requests for partials or fulls. Fun, right? You betcha.

But this contest isn’t for everyone. Your manuscript must be completed and polished. That doesn’t mean it has to be perfect, but if it’s a mess, you probably won’t be selected. And don’t think you can workshop the first 50 pages and not touch the rest. When I choose my mentee, I’ll read his/her full manuscript and won’t pick an entry that isn’t at least close to ready for the agent round. There isn’t enough time to do a total rewrite AND polish before agents are invited in. So polish, polish, polish now, okay?

This contest isn’t for those wanting to self-publish. This isn’t a free editing gig, guys. Sorry. Our mission is to help writers seeking traditional publishing land an agent and/or publishing contract. It would be awkward for everyone involved if an indie author (or someone wanting to self-publish) received requests from agents and didn’t actually want an agent. Please don’t put us in that situation.

However, I support self-published authors and have several indies as clients. I can help you polish your manuscript through my editorial services.

Last year, I had such a blast mentoring in Pitch Wars that I HAD to do it again. But a few things are different.

I’m NOT mentoring adult fiction this year. Sorry, guys. I loved the adult entries I received last year and am gaga over my mentee’s manuscript, but I want to change it up this time. I still edit adult manuscripts as a part of my editorial business, so you can contact me there for a quote.

Instead, I’m mentoring YA. Whoohoo! I can’t tell you what I’ll be looking for yet, but get those YA manuscripts all nice and shiny. The clock’s ticking.

And… drum roll… I have a buddy (co-mentor) working with me this year. I’ll share more about her during our Pitch Wars mentors’ blog hop in July. For now, you can follow her (Destiny Cole) on Twitter.

Here’s the Pitch Wars schedule: (Note: There’s only one day to submit your entries, so be ready.)

July 20 – 3: Mentor Bio/Wishlist Blog Hop
August 3: Writers submit applications to mentors for Pitch Wars
August 3 – August 24: Pitch Wars mentors review applications and choose a writer to mentor.
August 25: Pitch War mentees are announced.
August 25 – October 31: Mentors work with their team.
November 3 – 5: Agent round for Pitch Wars

Can’t wait to read your entries.

Lynnette Labelle
2015 Daphne du Maurier Finalist
2015 Molly Winner

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