Pitch Wars? What’s the Deal?

Ever wonder what all the hype is about the Pitch Wars contest? I’ve talked about this contest before, so I won’t tell you it’s wonderful because if your manuscript is chosen, you’ll work with a mentor (an agented and/or published author or a freelance editor like moi) for two months. You’ll revise and polish your manuscript to make it ready for the agent round. See? I told you I wouldn’t mention that.

I also won’t tell you how awesome it is that during the agent round, invited agents request tons of manuscripts and often offer wars happen. This year, so far, 21 of our mentees have received offers of representation. And it’s not over yet. Many are still waiting to hear from the agents because, you know, it takes a while to read through piles of fantastic manuscripts.

And it doesn’t stop there. We also had ninja agents. That’s agents who were sneaky little spies waiting for the okay from Brenda Drake (Pitch Wars’s mommy) to pounce…I mean request partials and fulls from the Pitch Wars mentees. Weehee!!!

Our mentees aren’t limited to these agents, of course. Once the Pitch Wars agent round was over, they were encouraged to query other agents because you never know where your agent might be hiding.

So, when Pitch Wars comes around again next year, you might want to consider entering. Just sayin’…

I won’t be blogging again until 2016. See you then.

Happy holidays to those who celebrate.

Lynnette Labelle
2015 Daphne du Maurier Finalist
2015 Molly Winner

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