Questions to Ask a Freelance Editor

As a freelance editor, I’m often asked the same questions, so I figured it was time to add a FAQ area to my site. Before I do that, I thought I should see if you have any questions to add. Here’s what I have so far.

-How far in advance do you book editing projects?
-Even if you’re booked for the year, can you still fit me in?
-When you say you’re booked until (fill in the month), does that mean you can’t help me with my query letter and synopsis until then?
-How long does it take to do a query letter/synopsis critique?
-Why do you ask for my characters’ GMCs (goals, motivations, conflicts) for the query letter/synopsis critique?
-When you talk about revisions in the query letter/synopsis packages, what do you mean?
-Are your classes taught online? If so, how does that work?
-How do I register for your classes?
-How do I make payments?
-What is a payment plan, and when can it be used?
-I’m interested in your services. Can you call me so we can talk about your services?
-What’s your turnaround time?
-How much do your services cost?
-What’s the difference between substantive/big picture editing and developmental copyediting?
-How does writing coaching work?
-What if you edit my work, and after I revise it, I need you to take another look at it?
-Do you edit manuscripts all day long?
-Do you accept every potential client as a client? How do you decide whom you’ll accept as a client?

What other questions would potential clients like answered?

Lynnette Labelle

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