A Quick Way to Tighten Your Manuscript

Are you looking for ways to tighten your manuscript? Cut the following words from your novel whenever possible, and your writing will be a lot tighter.


Wordy: She didn’t even have to open her eyes.
Tight: She didn’t have to open her eyes.

Wordy: He bought the ring without even asking her what she liked.
Tight: He bought the ring without asking her what she liked.



Wordy: If I did do that, I’m sorry.
Tight: If I did that, I’m sorry.

Wordy: I do think he was responsible.
Tight: I think he was responsible.

Wordy: I do know how much time this will take.
Tight: I know how much time this will take.



Wordy: It was the very last thing she wanted.
Tight: It was the last thing she wanted.

Wordy: It was very important to her.
Tight: It was important to her.



Wordy: I just had to say something.
Tight: I had to say something.

Wordy: I simply couldn’t let it go.
Tight: I couldn’t let it go.



Wordy: He was going to let her go.
Tight: He would let her go.

Wordy: She was going to go to the market.
Tight: She would go to the market.

These are five quick and easy changes you can make to your manuscript to help tighten your writing.

What are some other words you can eliminate from you novel to make the writing tighter?

I’ll be at the Romance Writers of America conference next week and will take a little break after that, so you won’t see another post from me until Tuesday, August 5. If you see me at the conference, come and say hello.

Lynnette Labelle

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