Do RWA and Indie Authors Mix?

Are you an indie author? Are you thinking about self-publishing? Do you wonder if it would make sense for you to attend the Romance Writers of America conference this year?

Hey, I get it. Up until recently, indie authors weren’t recognized by RWA as “real” authors, and self-publishing was discouraged more than encouraged. But, things are changing. Take a look at the list of last year’s RWA conference workshops about self-publishing.

-Best Practices and Formatting for Self-Publishing

-Beyond the Basics in Self-Publishing: Audio, Foreign Translations, POD, and More

-E-books Made Easy with Scrivener

-Editing Your Self-Published Novel

-Eight Essentials for Your Self-Publishing Business

-Focus on Kobo

-Focus on Smashwords

-Getting Down to the Sexy Nitty-Gritty: a Literary Agent and Publishing Attorney Talk Self-Publishing

-How to Create a Multiauthor Book Series without Killing Each Other

-Marketing Your Self-Published Book: Tips to Being a Bestseller

-Self-Publishing Q&A with Liliana Hart and Tina Folsom

-Self-Publishing Roundtable: Book Discoverability and Agile Publishing

-Self-Publishing Roundtable: Branding

-Self-Publishing Roundtable: How to Develop an Effective E-Mail Marketing Strategy

-Self-Publishing Roundtable: Marketing

-Self-Publishing Roundtable: Metadata, Keywords, and Back Matter

-Top 10 Tips for Self-Publishing E-books

That’s not to mention the other workshops about craft, marketing, the writer’s life, etc., that are offered for traditionally published authors, indie authors, hybrid authors (those who do a little of both), and those who are pursuing either/all options.

This year, RWA has stepped it up a notch by presenting a trade show for indie authors. Here, independent authors will be able to meet with freelance editors, graphic designers, marketing experts, formatters, and others offering services indie authors need.

Gone are the days when indie authors are no longer recognized by RWA. So, regardless of the publishing avenue you’re pursuing, RWA has plenty to offer, and I would strongly recommend attending one of their conferences, if you can swing it.

I’m going. I’ll see you there!

And, if you noticed my last post was a teaser, I haven’t forgotten. Something BIG is in the works. Keep watching!

Lynnette Labelle

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2 Responses to Do RWA and Indie Authors Mix?

  1. Great post, Lynnette! I wish I could go – one of these years, I will.
    Looking forward to the something BIG! As always, thanks for the informative posts.

  2. Lynnette Labelle says:

    Amy: I’ll make the big announcement soon. Just waiting to get all my ducks in a row first. 😉

    Lynnette Labelle

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