Save on Editing – Sale On Now

Have you heard? I’m having a sale on substantive/big picture editing. Want to know more? Okay, here are the deets:

$100 off substantive/big picture editing for time slots in November and December 2014 (The October slots are now full.)

-Discount for full manuscripts only (60,000 words or more)

-Offer not to be used in conjunction with any other discount.

In case you’re not sure how substantive/big picture editing (sometimes called developmental editing or content editing) can improve your manuscript, I’ll describe the service below.

Substantive editing focuses on the big picture issues in a manuscript, which include story and craft but not line editing. Are your characters three-dimensional? Are there plot holes or loose ends in your story? Is your novel working as a whole?

I’ll also look at issues like: telling instead of showing, inconsistencies in the story, flat dialogue, unrealistic reactions or actions, underdeveloped main characters, overdeveloped minor characters, backstory dumps, author intrusion, POV (point of view) slips, deep POV implementation, bad choreography, poor execution of GMCs (goals, motivation, conflicts), and lack of emotions. I’ll flag these issues directly in the manuscript with Track Changes and offer suggestions on how you can rework the problem area.

This is a great service for writers who want to ensure their story is properly developed before they focus on the mechanics (spelling, grammar, and punctuation).
I specialize in substantive or big picture editing for romance (romantic suspense, paranormal romance, romantic thriller, contemporary romance, and romantic comedy), mystery, thriller, suspense, horror, crime, paranormal/supernatural, urban fantasy, fantasy, YA, and NA.

There are only TWO slots left, so don’t wait. Contact me today.

E-mail me at: labelle at labelleseditorialservices dot com

I’m taking a little blogging break and will be back October 7. See you then!

Lynnette Labelle

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