Three Things to Avoid When Promoting Your Book

Whether you’re self-publishing or going the traditional route, you need to know how to market your book. Even if you’re signed with a publisher, you can’t rely on its marketing department (if it even has one) to get the word out that you have a fantastic book everyone should buy. However, just because you’re going to do some or all of the marketing yourself doesn’t mean you can shout out announcements about your book’s launch or sales to everyone who’ll listen. There are certain marketing moves that might work against you. Best to avoid those, right?

Don’t: Send a private message on Twitter or Facebook about your book’s launch, its sales, or anything having to do with your book. Most people will “unfriend” you and won’t want to buy your book. You’ve just spammed them.

Do: Post an announcement on your Facebook page or tweet a few times a day (not a few times an hour) about your book. You may still lose some followers, but at least you’re not spamming them with private messages.

Don’t: Send Goodreads links of your book to your “friends” on social media or e-mail them the link.

Do: Blog about where your FANS can leave reviews for you.

Don’t: Join every group you can find on Facebook just so you can promote your book. People can see how many groups you belong to and will know you’re only joining to promote your book. Pay attention to the group’s rules when you join. Some groups won’t accept any promotional material and will give you the boot if you promote on their loop. Not a great first impression.

Do: Join as many promotional Facebook groups as you feel comfortable joining. These groups want you to promote your books.

Remember you’re not just promoting your book, you’re promoting your brand. You don’t want to turn people off. Why take the risk?

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Lynnette Labelle

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