What Can a Writing Coach Do for You?

As a freelance editor and fiction writing coach, I often have people ask me what I do as a writing coach, so I thought I’d put it all together in a post.

Writing coaching means different things to different people and that’s the beauty of this service. It’s flexible, so I can truly cater to your editorial needs. Here are some examples of things I’ve done for past clients:

-reworked the beginning of the novel to include the inciting incident
-ensured GMCs were clear throughout the novel
-focused specifically on creating realistic dialogue
-added emotion to the story
-turned one dimensional characters into three dimensional characters
-worked telling into showing (where needed)
-revised a character’s POV to deep POV
-reversed reaction/action to action/reaction
-concentrated on dialogue and action tags
-removed info/backstory dumps and sprinkled the information into the text instead
-targeted and corrected POV slips
-reworked characters to make them more likeable
-added or deleted setting details from the work
-created tension and conflict
-fixed weak protagonists or villains
-brought attention to actions that weren’t properly motivated
-verified and corrected pacing
-sought out clarity issues
-watched for unrealistic actions/characters/plot
-tightened the prose
-checked plot outlines for holes and undeveloped characters
-set up outlines for a series
-brainstormed scenes, chapters, and books
-created hooky queries*
-put together several different lengths of synopses*

Basically, the possibilities are endless. With writing coaching, you can resubmit your chapter or scene as many times as you want. We’ll discuss what’s working and what isn’t and then I’ll make suggestions on how to improve the work. I can help you one chapter at a time or go through the manuscript to correct specific flaws. If you have to learn certain elements of the craft, I’ll teach you what you need to know.

Some writers request writing coaching for their entire manuscript. Others will use the service for a specific purpose and then turn the manuscript over for developmental copyediting or proofreading. And some writers only need a little bit of writing coaching before they continue on their own. Like I said, this is a flexible service. You tell me what you need and we’ll develop a plan just for you.

*Both queries and synopses can also be reworked through a package rather than writing coaching. Ask for details.

Now, let’s turn the spotlight onto you. Name your biggest strength and weakness as a writer.

Lynnette Labelle

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