Writing Through the Fear

Today, intuitive writing coach Amy Lamont is visiting. While I offer writing coaching as one of my services, what Amy and I do is very different. I’ll help you fix elements of your story and assist you with the craft of writing. Amy’s intuitive writing coaching is more about life choices and getting writers back on track when they’ve lost their way. To learn more about Amy’s intuitive writing coaching, visit her website: www.amylamont.com

Take it away, Amy.

Writing Through the Fear

I’ve really enjoyed Lynnette’s most recent posts. She asked us lots of great questions—Why aren’t we published yet? How do we stay motivated to write? And she offers some good insights from her own experiences about these issues.

The reason I’ve read these posts with such interest is because these questions are the heart and soul of my intuitive writing coaching practice. While Lynnette can help you polish a manuscript to a shine, my coaching focuses more on digging deep to unearth those thoughts, beliefs, and fears that keep us from achieving our writing goals.

What Lurks Beneath

Every writer has those moments where life comes before writing. The day job gets in the way, you get the unexpected call from the nurse’s office telling you to come get the sick kid, the holidays stress you out. Sometimes life just happens, no matter how well we plan our writing time.

But if we’re being honest, even at the most hectic times in our lives, there are probably pockets of time we could fit a little writing in if we made it a priority. Lynnette setting her timer to write in fifteen-minute chunks is the perfect example. Who couldn’t find fifteen or even ten or five minutes here and there throughout their day to write?

Yet many of us go through periods where the writing doesn’t come, and every time we turn around, life throws something new our way. When we find ourselves letting days, weeks, sometimes even months pass without getting words on the page, it usually means there’s something deeper going on. Something inside of us holds us back from moving closer to our writing dreams.

The Monster Under the Bed

So what’s behind the roadblocks we erect? In my own experience, and from what I hear from my coaching clients, when we’re struggling to find time to write or find ourselves making excuses for not getting the book done, the true monster under the bed is fear.

We have a lot to fear as authors. As everyone tells us, rejection at some point is almost a guarantee when we choose this career. And even when we’re successful, there are things to fear—one star reviews, not being able to deliver another good book, not staying true to our own voices and vision.

With so much to fear, it’s no wonder we sometimes get stuck in neutral.

Acknowledge the Fear

So the first step when we find ourselves struggling over and over again to find time to write is to recognize there’s a good chance we’re dealing with fear. Sometimes just acknowledging the fear is enough to start a shift.

It can be easier to say we’re too busy to write than it is to acknowledge fear. But once we recognize the fear, we can also appreciate that the small part of us throwing up those roadblocks is an attempt to protect ourselves.

Say Thanks and Write Anyway

Now that I recognize the fear and protective instincts behind those times I avoid writing, I find it much easier to push through and write anyway.

The trick is to say thank you to the protective part of yourself. Tell it you appreciate the way it’s trying to keep you safe, but for just a short amount of time, you’re going to write anyway, even if it’s scary. You may be amazed at how easy it is to break free of the fear—even if it’s just for 10 minutes at a time.

Do you have times when life gets too hectic to write? Does fear sometimes hold you back from moving closer to your dreams? Any tips or tricks that keep you writing even when those fears want to hold you back?

Amy Lamont writes contemporary and new adult romance. She’s also an intuitive writing coach who helps other authors create the writing careers of their dreams.

Thanks again for visiting, Amy. I think we all experience that awful “F” word every once in a while. I’m glad I’ve pushed past it and am able to write again.

Lynnette Labelle

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