All fees are calculated based on the manuscript word count on a per word basis or on an hourly basis, with the exception of any flat-fee service.*

Payment is made through PayPal. I’ll invoice you. Clients are responsible for all PayPal fees.

Manuscript Evaluation Report: $ 0.015/word (full manuscript only)

Developmental Editing: $0.02/word

Developmental and Line Editing Combo: $0.0225-$0.03/word

Fiction Writing Coaching: $45/hour

GMC Critiques (for up to three characters): $25 (includes two revisions)

Query Letter and Synopsis Critiques: Rates are available on the query letter and synopsis critique page.

Fees for all other services are calculated on a per project basis. Ask for a quote today.

*Full payment due in advance. Payment plans are available for services on a full manuscript. Ask for details.