Editorial Services:

“I can always count on Lynnette to give me a quality copy edit. Even after going over my work countless times, her detail-oriented, trained eye inevitably catches things I missed. She’s professional and courteous in her feedback and is a great asset to have in your corner if you want to make your words sparkle.” –Roni Loren, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Loving on the Edge series (Berkley Heat)

“I can’t thank Lynnette enough. Her focus on detail is wonderful, but her true talent is pinpointing where character emotion and plot depth can be intensified. She sees big picture but never lets the little details slip by. I am thrilled that she worked on WINTERS HEAT and know that the novel is better because of the time and care she showed in her work.”Cristin Harber, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

“Perhaps it was luck or fate that landed my MS in the skillful hands of Lynnette Labelle. We met at a writer’s conference—one I’d almost forgotten to attend! After seeing what she could do with just a short sample of my work, I sensed my long search for ‘the perfect editor’ might finally come to an end. Now, after having her go over my manuscript, I know I need never look elsewhere for my editing needs. With Lynnette, I was looking for something very focused and specific—improving tension; tightening scenes and prose; crystallizing clarity and resolving any ‘logic fails’. She has respected my vision and my voice, and helped me achieve my goals beyond my expectations. Lynnette brings the perfect balance to the table: honest while still supportive; sincere and enthusiastic; and able to keep the distance needed for objectivity while also carrying the devotion to put heart into her critiques. Everywhere I struggle, Lynnette helps me excel. I will be sending her my next MS. And the next, and the next…”–Rebecca Hamilton, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of THE FOREVER GIRL and HER SWEETEST DOWNFALL (Immortal Ink Publishing), represented by Rossano Trentin of TZLA Literary Agency

“I searched for an editor long and hard after a particularly bad experience. Stumbling over Lynnette’s website was a kiss from heaven! After seeing her sample edit, I knew I had found my editor. She is exactly what I hoped for–professional, yet approachable; honest, yet kind; direct, yet absolutely hilarious. I love her communication style and her sense of humor. They make tackling those tough spots in your novel much easier! Lynnette’s ability to push your writing to the next level, without crushing you in the process, is extraordinary, and precisely what I needed.” –L.R. Nicolello, author of DEAD DON’T LIE and DEAD NO MORE (HQN), represented by Jill Marsal of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency

“Lynnette Labelle isn’t just an editor. She’s a writing coach. Every one of her edits teaches me something. She’s become the voice in my head urging me to use stronger verbs and stronger nouns, and to show, not tell. I’m grateful to have found her, and will use her again when my next book is ready for an eagle eye and a thoughtful critique.”–Christine Gunderson, author of SOREN’S RESISTANCE and COVENANT PARK, represented by Linda Scalisi of 3 Seas Literary Agency

“Lynnette did substantive editing on my debut fantasy novel and did a spectacular job. She’s fast and delivered ahead of schedule. Her markup in my Word document was extremely clear and highly detailed. Her changes and suggestions really improved my book, and some of her comments and questions demonstrated where I had failed to properly communicate plot or character details. Most of her markups came with an explanation, allowing me to learn more about the writing craft. There wasn’t a single case where I didn’t understand what she was doing or why.

“I also engaged Lynnette for some writing coaching for a couple of troublesome areas of my book. Once again, her responses were swift, and her teaching clear and extremely valuable.

“Apart from her professional work, she’s also super friendly and easy to communicate with. I’ll be asking Lynnette to edit all my future books. I hope she has time!” –Graeme Ing, author of OCEAN OF DUST and NECROMANCER. NECROMANCER listed in the Top-3 most read indie books in the Fantasy category of the libraries SELF-e program, 2015 – Library Journal

“Lynnette has a meticulous eye for language and story logic. She homes in instinctually on the boring and irrelevant passages that lose readers. And she delivers her often painful truths with a good sense of humor. Her insistence on “action beats” as setting for dialog and on “show don’t tell” when it comes to emotions were two factors in my not only landing an agent, but delivering to him a manuscripts that was ready to submit to publishers with no further work.” –John Manchester, author of THE ROOTS OF EVIL, represented by Evan Marshall of The Evan Marshall Agency

“I’ve had Lynnette Labelle critique my work and found her to be professional and very well organized. Lynnette is a go-getter, and if she says she will do something, then consider it done. Her crits of my work were consistent and really helped me focus on my weak spots, which were grammar and punctuation (those pesky commas.) I look forward to working with Lynnette in the future.”–KC Klein, author of DARK FUTURE (Avon Impulse), represented by Nancy Yost of Nancy Yost Literary Agency

“Lynnette Labelle is a true professional. After a bad experience with a freelance editor, I was nervous when it came time to look for another. Lynnette answered my e-mails and questions promptly, and as soon as I saw the attention to detail in her editing sample, I knew I’d found the right editor. My manuscript came back to me in the promised time frame, with thorough corrections and notes. I received not only the services I paid for but an education that will improve not only my current project but future novels as well.” –Coleen Patrick, author of COME BACK TO ME, THE ART OF CHASING NORMAL, and THE ART OF SECOND CHANCES www.coleenpatrick.com

“My expectations were heightened after reading the glowing reviews of Lynnette’s editorial services, but she met and exceeded them. Her trained eye focused in on both the glaringly obvious and the tiny grammatical gremlins that distracted from the story. Her attention to the manuscript didn’t waiver even after my thousandth use of passive language. She circled back and amended comments after parts of the story shed further light. Beyond writing technique, she flagged key scenes where the character’s motivation and inner turmoil were blind to reader and preventing a deeper empathy. I walked away with a stronger manuscript and a few of my writing tools sharpened. It’s rare to find someone with that level of experience, professionalism, and objectivity. I highly recommend her services.” –Ryan Spires, author of RISE OF RAULET

“Labelle’s Writing on the Wall Editorial Services is a fantastic option for any author who aspires to polish their work to a publishable level. Lynnette not only runs a reliable and honest business, but also uses a straightforward editorial approach that is as efficient as it is effective. Her recommendations and observations on style, mechanics, and story made an immediate, lasting impact on the quality of my prose. And I believe she could do the same for any writer, at any level. Bottom line: She’s a pro, and she can help make you one, too.” –E.J. Wesley, author of MOONSONGS – BLOOD FUGUE and PERFECTLY ERNEST

“I’m so happy that I chose Lynnette as my editor. Right from the first enquiry, she stood out from other editors I contacted, due to her professionalism, speed, and honest but positive responses. She provided an excellent sample edit that I was able to use to improve my book further before I sent her the draft. She set clear timescales as to when she would receive and then send back my manuscript, which she met without any issues. Her work on the manuscript was fantastic—very detailed but also looking at the big picture to help me improve tension and pacing. She’s direct and pulls no punches but does this kindly and provides very helpful comments on how to improve. There is no doubt she has improved not only the book she edited, but my writing overall.” –Ellen Bard, author of BLAIZE AND THE MAVEN 

“Every once in a great while we come across someone who seems to know you without ever having met you. Lynnette is one of those people for me. My Logical God was a 73,000-word manuscript when I sent it to Lynnette and it had 63,000 words when I got it back. Lynnette removed almost ten thousand words without losing a thing but gaining so much instead. The flow and readability of the book is so much more enhanced. Not only did she finish the work ahead of schedule and on budget, but every e-mail I sent her was responded to the same day and often within the same hour. She was kind, considerate, informative, and supportive without being artificially so. If you are compelled to submit your work to other editors for comparison, I don’t blame you. That is one way you can see how good she is. Or, you can save yourself the trouble and take the words of the rest of us who have worked with her … I will be back.” –Ron Roell, author of MY LOGICAL GOD

“I highly recommend Lynnette Labelle and her services. After laboring away at my very first novel for 2.5 years and several rewrite cycles, I hired Lynnette to do a manuscript evaluation report. I had gotten my manuscript as far as I could without professional outside advice, and boy, did she deliver! Her feedback was very well-structured and insightful. She’s a prompt and professional communicator and even accommodated me, working around my schedule to meet a deadline I had set for myself. Her input has been a tremendous help in bringing my story and my characters to the next level, as I work through the list of things she pointed out that needed improving or changing. Sometimes, when you work on a large project (such as a book) for a long time, you stop seeing the big picture. Lynnette helped me refocus and notice where the book was weak, the characters unconvincing, the story not logical, and the flow dragging. I can’t thank her enough and am immensely grateful to have found her.” –Elisabeth Lohninger, author, www.elisabethlohninger.com

“I gave Lynnette the unenviable task of editing my second novel, which is complex with a large cast of characters. I pretty much knew, going in, that the novel needed to be restructured. She helped with this, of course, but what really astounded me was that she helped to make each individual scene, each chapter stronger right down to the sentence level. Lynnette fully understands mechanics, and she darn well might be an expert on character motivation and reaction, and she is fantastic with missing pieces–those things we “mean” to write but don’t–and clarity. I had a lot of doubts about this book, but I now move onto the final polish knowing that the writing is absolutely the best it can be. Thank you very much, Lynnette!” –R.P. Kraul, author of MIRRORS OF ANGUISH and GATES OF PERDITION

“I experienced an array of emotions when I completed my first manuscript and made the decision to get it to an editor. Many questions raced through my mind, Can I trust the editor I choose with my work? Will it be worth paying for? Will I lose my voice? I finally came upon Lynnette Labelle’s website. Thank the writer Gods. Everything, from her blog to actually corresponding with her through e-mails, comforted me in knowing that Lynnette was the gal for me… And boy was I right. She’s fabulous, insightful, concise, diligent, prompt… My list of flattery could go on and on, but most of all, I didn’t lose my voice. Actually, she helped me find a deeper voice that was within my words. I truly look forward to working with Lynnette in the future.” –Samantha Fountain, author of THE DARK INTRUDER

“Hook, line, and sinker, that’s how Lynnette Labelle caught me—literally. I took her Hook, Line, and Sinker class and my writing took a noticeable leap forward. I knew that when I finished my WIP, Lynnette would be the editor for me. In addition to having the keenest eye for detail, Lynnette has a way of pointing out what’s needed without putting words in your mouth. Since working with Lynnette—in online classes and on my latest manuscript—my work has won second place in the San Francisco Romance Writers of
America Heart-to-Heart Contest and every query and pitch I’ve offered has received an enthusiastic “yes.” It doesn’t get much better than that.” –Kat Drennan, author of MINT CONDITION

“I was ready to give up on my manuscripts and focus my energy elsewhere, when one of my friends recommended Lynnette to me. Desperate and frustrated, I contacted Lynnette and was so impressed with how quickly she replied to my pleas for help. She not only provided me the reassurance and comfort I needed but also amazed me with her editorial skills. She was the one to finally answer my questions with detailed feedback, showing a firm grasp on the publishing industry. She forced me to look at my writing in a different way, drew out the best writing in me, and helped me turn my manuscript into a marketable product. Lynnette is very honest and direct but is kind and caring at the same time. She believes in you and helps you to go to the next level. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and hope to take her courses as well as have her edit my other manuscripts. When no one else has the time in this crazy publishing world to assist you, Lynnette does with poise and grace. I look forward to working with her in the future.” –Kerry Boquist, author of DESTINY UNLEASHED

“Lynnette did a developmental copyedit on my MS. I learned so much. I can’t believe it. Since I found Lynnette’s Writing on the Wall, I have a new understanding about what makes a good read. I wish I would have found her before having submitted a single MS. Writing could have been much more fruitful. I’ve learned from her. Not all of it easy to hear but so spot on and served up gently. Her eye for detail is amazing. She is one of the best writing resources I know, and I will continue to request her services for every title.” –D. Waldref-Brant author of LEAVING FRANNY and EMBRACING FRANNY

“I feel so lucky to have found Lynnette when I began searching for an editor for my fourth novel. What drew me first to Lynnette were her professional website and the many different editing/proofreading packages she offered. Also, after reading her blog, I was convinced she knew her job well. She did not disappoint. Her work is professional and articulate. She sets deadlines and keeps them, which is refreshing in today’s world. Lynnette gave me 120% of herself when proofreading my manuscript, and was pleasant and easy to communicate with. I was so impressed with her work on my novel that I have already booked her to proofread my next one.” –Deanna Lynn Sletten, author of SARA’S PROMISE

“Lynnette exceeded my expectations. She was very professional and thorough. Her knowledge and expertise was obvious and invaluable. I have no doubt that my work is better for having gone to Lynnette! I couldn’t recommend her more highly.” –Tyr Kieran, author of GETTING BETTER, www.tyrkieran.com

“Lynnette did a great, great job making sure my novella was correct, concise, complete, and consistent. She did a fantastic job correcting my spelling, grammar, terminology, jargon, and semantics. Although proofreading is a separate task from copyediting, she performed this function as well. She e-mailed me several times for clarification on certain sections on the book and made sure my text flowed. I would definitely use her again.” –Harlow Coban, author of LIFE IN DEATH

“When I handed my story over to Lynnette, it had already been through several revisions. But it was still missing something. I could not figure it out on my own. Lynnette pointed out the holes and helped me figure out where I’d gone wrong and brainstormed ways to fix it. Before talking with her, I’d decided to shelve the story indefinitely. But now I have renewed hope for it!” –Stephanie Haefner, author of A BITCH NAMED KARMA published by Lyrical Press

“Lynnette’s got an eagle eye and a fantastic ear for dialogue, so while she can spot a word that’s been used twice in three pages, she can also point out language that sounds unnatural. She’s honest in her criticism but always points out what I’ve done well. Reading her critiques is like sitting next to someone as they read through your story – you get her reaction as the story unfolds, which is incredibly helpful. Her critiques have been invaluable in helping me tighten my story and inject more realism into my characters.” –Katrina Crew, winner of GDRWA’s Between the Sheets contest, finalist in Alaska RWA’s Break-up contest

“I love Lynnette Labelle’s editing and critique style. She is both gentle and clear. She’s totally aware that this is your baby. She also knows that we want to make the best impression when it goes out into the world. She can help clarify and focus your writing and your voice. The most important part? She can help you improve your voice and not change it. It’s still you and your voice. She’s like a vocal coach for writers!” –Suzi McGowen, writer

“Lynnette has a great eye for detail. Her thorough critiques have helped streamline and strengthen my stories and broken some of my bad habits. My writing is undoubtedly better thanks to her input.” –Gwen Mitchell, writer of dark paranormals

“After a bad experience with a former editor, I did not want to consider utilizing another editor. My trust was shattered. But things changed for me when I won a five-page critique from the lovely Roni Loren, and she helped me out even more by referring me to Lynnette. I decided to trust my instinct that this was a positive move because, at this point, the rejections were piling up. Lynnette completed a sample edit, and that was it. I knew she was the editor for me. Lynnette was patient. She understood my fears and told me honestly what will best work for me. First, I worked on my GMCs. Lynnette’s positive encouragement helped me grasp the concept. What I adore the most about Lynnette is that she won’t tell me what I want to hear because that won’t improve my craft. I’m not going to look backwards. I trust that finally my manuscript is in good hands.” –Keisha Martin, author of ECLIPTIC DREAMS

“I found Lynnette through a blog that I follow and I’m so glad I did! She’s one of the best writing resources I’ve found since I began seriously looking into the publication of my work. Lynnette critiqued a sample of my work, and the feedback she gave me was absolutely pivotal to my novel as well as my writing process. Lynnette was thorough and her criticism was completely constructive. I’ve been critiqued before, but I’ve never had such a positive experience as a result. While issues were pointed out with my work, the
suggestions and highlights she offered made me immediately feel like I could move forward in a new and better direction. I look forward to working with her in future and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking editorial guidance!” –Kiera Bryant, writer

“I was getting rejection after rejection-with no idea why. Having Lynnette critique my story was a real eye opener! She critiqued it line by line and didn’t give a “general, blase critique”. Her critique was insightful and pinpointed the problems with my story and she gave wonderful suggestions to help me improve! Definitely a good experience!” –Tamika Spruill, writer


Query Letters and Synopses:

“Lynnette edited my query for my young adult fantasy fiction titled, Stray Blood, and did a terrific job taking it to the next level. Having to squeeze your novel into several paragraphs to grab the attention of an agent can be challenging. Lynnette was the perfect aid to simplifying the task. Her phrasing suggestions were spot on and her attention to detail kept me focused. She enabled suspense to my query where it lagged prior. Her professional and thorough feedback helped me receive four agent requests for first chapters and even my full manuscript from my dream agent. She gave me the quick turnaround I needed and even surprised me with an early edit. In addition, Lynnette is very easy to work with and encouraging, a cheerleader in the background to an isolating profession. I’m looking forward to working on more projects with her and highly recommend Lynnette for manuscript and query editing.” –Dana Claire, author of STRAY BLOOD

“Lynnette is a terrific asset to have as a writer. I finished my novel and was ready for the hard part—the infamous query letter. We all need that extra help to get our foot in the door; the rest is up to the writing. When I sat down to write this one-page letter that would magically express my entire manuscript, I found it daunting. Yet, Lynnette was able to guide me through the process and teach me what agents are looking for in a query letter. She is talented and able to help with the process by bringing out my own talent. Lynnette does not write the letter, as some people do, but guides the writer. I knew the moment that I read the final letter that it would become successful, and it has.” –George Moser, author of THE BARTELLO

“I had Lynnette critique my query letter and found the exercise to be of immense value. Her request for my characters’ goals, motivations and conflicts threw me at first until I realized maybe I wasn’t even clear on them. Sometimes we get so close to our work that it takes someone with the right questions to lead us along. Her comments and suggestions were always probing and thoughtful, never harsh. I feel like I now have a quality query that reflects my work and will begin to open some doors. Without Lynnette’s help, I don’t think I would have arrived there.” –Michael Mason, author of PUNT THE MAGIC DRAGON

“I came across Lynnette’s website because so many of the other editorial services seem detached and disinterested. Lynnette was different. She requested information and details about my story before ever reading the synopsis, gave feedback, answered my questions, and remained engaged through the entire process. Her help was exactly what I needed in order to move forward with confidence in the quality of my work and ideas.” –James Meadows, author of THE CHRONOMANCER AND THE TIME GOD: DEATH OF A PARADISE

“I came across Lynnette while surfing the web for someone who could help me with my query and synopsis. After checking out her editing services, I chose the package that fit my needs. I have to say I lucked out! Lynnette’s ability to pinpoint what needed to be revised and polished to make my query and synopsis story-rich was spot on. Her attention to detail and constructive feedback challenged me to “dig deeper” and was the stimulus needed to capture the essence of my novel. Without a doubt this was one of my best writing experiences, and I feel confident about what I am now sending to agents. I highly recommend Lynnette and would definitely use her again.” –Debbie Aragon, author of A LIGHT IN THE DISTANCE  

“I would highly recommend Lynnette’s services to anyone in need of an editor. I was at the stage where I was comfortable with my book and ready to take it to the next stage. This meant crafting a query letter to submit to potential agents. I had no idea what I was doing, and I think it showed in my first pass. She helped me refine and focus my query, taking it from a mess and transforming it into something I could feel proud of. She was very professional and very quick. She offered great feedback and advice that helped guide me. It was money well spent and I will be coming back in the future.”–J.G. Gatewood, author

“I am so glad I found Lynnette’s editorial services when I was looking for a query review. The turnaround was quick and the comments were very helpful. They helped me clean up my query letter to say what I wanted it to say but couldn’t figure out how to say it. Her comments also helped me tighten some loose plot points in my manuscript. She is great to work with and very encouraging. I look forward to working with her again for future editing services.”–Chassy Chéri, writer, www.chassycheri.com

“Lynnette is my first experience with an editorial service. I loved it! She is very professional with great advice. I am proud to say, ‘That’s my editor.’ I was impressed with her interest in my work. Her turnaround time is excellent. I love what she helped me do with my query and synopsis. I would highly recommend her services and look forward to working with her again and again. Thank you, Lynnette.” –Sabrena Montora Robinson, author of NADINE

“Lynnette is a great professional. Her comments and feedback are always constructive. She knows how to identify what works and doesn’t work in a synopsis and is very helpful in resolving the issues or the roadblocks. With her, writing a synopsis is almost painless.”–Marion Croslydon, author, http://marioncroslydon.com

“Any author can attest to the fact that writing an agent query letter can be a daunting task. I had spent considerable time researching and trying my hand at it and had only come up with one line that was useable. I was ready to pull my hair out, when I lucked out and found Lynnette’s website. I read all her information and put together a few more sentences that didn’t seem too bad and contacted her. She responded quickly and professionally, and after her talented and guided suggestions, my letter has gone from a total mess to worthy of publication. Lynnette tempers her talent with a thoughtful and kind approach that helps the author find their inner light and bring it to the surface. I can’t thank Lynnette enough for all her help, I’m sure that this letter is going to get my manuscript in front of the right people, and for that I’m eternally grateful. I look forward to finishing another manuscript so I can seek assistance from Lynnette soon!” –Nicole Delacroix, author of GLIMMER of DARKNESS and HOW BRAVE ARE YOU?

“I’m so thankful to have found Lynnette’s editorial services. As a new author in the market for an agent, I spent weeks shaping my query and days honing it into perfection. Within less than 72 hours, Lynnette had completely restructured my letter, polishing it until it shined and emphasizing aspects of my novel I hadn’t even thought to emphasize. She repeated the process with both of my synopses, tweaking them in a way I know will make them stand out to industry professionals. In today’s competitive market, I am certain Lynnette’s work will help my query and synopses rise to the top of the slush pile. Thank you, Lynnette, for being such a top-notch editor. I look forward to working with you again.” –Michele Zugnoni, author of STARFIRE

“No matter what service you’re requiring, Lynnette brings a level of professionalism and a unbiased pair of eyes to your piece. She helped guide me in the direction that I was trying to obtain but couldn’t reach because I was stuck. I loved that she always asked thought-provoking questions that made me consider or even reconsider what I was trying to portray. I would definitely recommend her and would be happy to use her services again in the future! Thank you, Lynnette!” –Rebekah Yami, author of UNWANTED

“Lynnette Labelle’s services were very invaluable. It was so helpful to have a pair of professional eyes look at our query and synopsis. We really loved that she always responded to our e-mails in a timely manner and would tell us exactly when she would have our critiques ready. Queries are hard, but we think synopses are harder. With her aid, we were able to fine-tune our synopsis. Now it tells a complete, compelling story and shows the motives and the stakes. We are really glad we decided to try out Lynnette’s services, and now that we have, we will gladly recommend her to any writer losing their fight against the query monster! Thanks so much!” –Marc Ezra and Lana Goines, authors of DEVIANT

“Lynnette guided me through the query letter process with professionalism and promptness. Her suggestions and questions, during the revisions, challenged me to produce a query letter that was richer and truer in light of the manuscript. The end result was exactly the kind of quality I was looking for. I would recommend her services across the full spectrum of novice to expert writer. Thank you, Lynnette!” –Ryan Spires, author of RISE OF RAULET

“As an unpublished author looking for an agent, I know how important the query letter and synopsis are. It was scary trying to craft the perfect hook and condensing my entire story into one-page and five-page versions. After working with Lynnette, my query letter and synopses are much stronger. Lynnette gave me a better understanding of what agents are looking for and helped me see some weaknesses in my story. I agreed with almost all of her gentle comments and corrections. Receiving feedback on two revisions made the rewrites feel manageable rather than overwhelming. I enjoyed working with Lynnette and highly recommend her services.” –Tara Stroll, author of BAILOUT

“I am extremely pleased with Lynnette’s critique services. She elevated my query letter and synopsis to a completely new level. She has a high level of professionalism and excellent attention to detail. I’m sure I can break out of the dreaded slush pile thanks to her guidance. I couldn’t recommend her more strongly.” –Emma Lindsay, author of CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE

“Lynnette was wonderful at helping me whip my query letter into shape. I loved the step-by-step process that included multiple revisions with feedback on each draft. She has a great eye for both detail and the big picture. Fast turn-around and always professional, she’s a great editor to work with.” –Robyn Ryle, author of PRETTY SARO

“Lynnette was so helpful when I approached her for assistance with writing a synopsis. This was my first time drafting one, and her guidance was clear, practical, and constructive. She helped me identify where I could most improve the synopsis in a very gentle and collaborative manner.” –Stefanie Little, author of LOVE EN POINTE

“Before I took Lynnette’s help with my query letter and synopsis, I had no idea where to start. She helped to point out exactly what needed to be fixed and helped polish them up perfectly. Thanks to my revamped query letter, I am confident that I will be able to land an agent very soon! Thanks so much, again, Lynnette!” –Maansi Pandya, author of THE REGENERATES

“I am so thankful to Lynnette for the work she did helping me get my query letter and synopsis in shape. Without her, I was just firing blind and had no idea what I was doing.”
–Tyffani Clark, author of SHEKINAH

“Incredibly pleased that I came across Lynnette’s website while surfing the Internet. A detailed, committed, and friendly editor who helped turn my so-so query letter into a sellable work of art. Will definitely recommend her to all my friends.” –Yashwanth Dhakshana, author of HELL SCHOOL

“I am very grateful to Lynnette for her critique of my query letter. She gave me excellent advice, both on reordering the content more effectively, and making my query snappier and more compelling. We went through a couple of revisions, and the final result is superior to the many attempts I had previously made.” –Graeme Ing, author of OCEAN OF DUST

“Lynnette is professional, prompt, and to the point in her communications. Her questions, critique, and suggestions helped me nail a great query letter in the span of a few exchanged e-mails. I highly recommend Lynnette and will be using her services again in the near future.” –Avery Marsten, writer

“Lynnette’s critiques have been instrumental in the cumbersome, query-writing process. I have yet to disagree or disregard any of her suggestions. I feel a lot more confident about what I am sending to agents and publishers.” –Holly Vance, writer

“Lynnette’s critique was amazing. She’s clear, detailed, and when she points out a problem, she explains why it doesn’t work. For my query, she said I needed to explain the goal, motivation and challenges and it felt like something unlocked. Suddenly, I understood how to make a query work! I am eternally grateful for her advice.” –Jeanne Fritz, writer



“Thinking like an editor isn’t easy, but it’s what gets authors published. Hooks are important to editors and readers alike, so why is it that some writers catch our attention, while others don’t? Taking Lynnette Labelle’s Hook, Line, and Sinker course teaches you how to look critically at your writing, and ask specific questions to see if your manuscript really hooks! Lynnette breaks down the mechanics of a solution and shows how best to implement it for maximum effect.

“This student learned that hooks are living, breathing, three-dimensional things that come in different guises. I enjoyed Lynnette’s down-and-dirty analyses of what works (and how to implement some of this good stuff into my own novel), as well as what doesn’t. I found that the course examines some obvious and not-so-obvious pitfalls in a writer’s quest to hold her reader’s attention, not just in that all-important opening line but throughout the book.

“The lessons are clear, straightforward, and effective, and are packed with extensive use of examples from well-known authors. Even homework is enjoyable, consisting of focused exercises that are lesson-appropriate. It involved dealing as much with my own writing as reading other students’ excerpts. I found this course to be a safe place in which to post my excerpts, and each student received personalized, detailed help in return.
“With solid advice and clearly-explained techniques that can be applied to your manuscript right now, Hook, Line, and Sinker is a must for all writers who are serious about getting and staying published.” –Nicola McKenna, writer

“I had the priviledge of taking Lynnette Labelle’s class Editor’s First Aid: CPR for Your Dying Manuscript hosted by the Contemporary Romance RWA chapter. Lynnette has a distinct teaching style which enables the lessons to resonate with the writer and improve his/her writing.

“In the twelve sessions of Editor’s First Aid, we learned to ground our readers, identify buried dialogue, avoid moving body parts that have a mind of their own and change them to active actions taken by the character, overwriting, telling words (e.g. realized, noticed, saw, heard, wondered, etc.) and author intrusion (when something is written that POV character wouldn’t think). We also touched upon the basics, GMCs, starting your story at the right spot, characterization, and how to garner empathy for your protagonist by identifying why she wants what she want and why she can’t have it. We learned to delve into our protagonist’s psyche through her internal thoughts and reactions to events (thereby showing) and creating the tension needed to make the reader want to keep turning the pages.

“I highly recommend that any writer who needs help getting their novel off to a start to pursue a one-on-one workshop with Lynnette. I would also recommend her workshops for new and experienced writers to continue improvement on their craft.” –Celia T. Lucente, writer

“Lynnette’s Hook, Line & Sinker is a great course that gives a good grounding in the tools you need to keep a reader hooked on your book. She make sense, and gives good examples of the terms you hear all the time from other writing instructors. The difference with Hook, Line & Sinker is you understand it at the end. She also shows you with the samples of your own work when she not only tells you where it’s weak, but offers solid ideas on how to make it better. If you’re serious about your writing this course is more than worth it.” –GK Parker, author

“Thank you for a wonderful workshop. The amount of information I have learnt here surpasses all the other classes and books I have used. I liked the way you facilitated information. (In my day job, I teach high school chemistry, and I know how easily students lose interest.) I am a logical sequential learner, and your instruction style appealed to my learning style. Your lessons were organized and feedback honest and prompt. And you didn’t make us buy gazillion books, but made us re-read the books we liked and used those as examples instead. Very difficult for an instructor to keep up with all different readings from the students. I absolutely enjoyed every single lesson and assignment including interacting with others in this group.” –Ushma Kothari, writer

“I have taken many, many online classes and this one was extremely valuable. Your expertise and teaching style were a perfect mix. The assignments were very doable and even enjoyable. This class came at the perfect time for me and I think what I have learned was one of the vital missing links for me. I wish you offered more classes. Again, thanks for a great class.” –Suzanne Purvis, writer

“Lynnette Labelle’s Hook, Line and Sinker class is excellent. Not only does she explain the concepts that help a writer hook their reader, she encourages you to search for those “hooky” moments in your favorite books. It was wonderful searching out concrete examples of written hooks penned by writers I admire. She also asked me to submit a portion of my own work in progress for critique and gave specific notes on how I could make the scenes grab my readers and keep them reading. My novella will be so much better after taking this class. I will definitely be contacting her again for future courses.
Thanks again for such a wonderful class!!!” –Aidee Ladnier, writer

“Your approach and format were the best I have seen in RWA. By that I mean, setting up the topic, reviewing published and favorite work as examples, having participants submit WIP examples, and then editing them. The final step, reviewing other people’s
submissions, just added frosting to the cupcake.” –Katina Drennan, writer

“From a former teacher’s perspective, your notes are clear, concise and to the point. I have taught a multitude of methods classes to young aspiring teachers and your work is spot on. I have learned A LOT and I like the way you explain the hooking process, give examples (you can tell I’m a math geek)…………and the lessons: finding examples in what has been read plus applying the context of what you’ve had put out to model and react to is great.” –Laurie Bumpus, writer

“Lynnette’s class – Hook, Line and Sinker is a course all aspiring and experienced authors should take. It opened my eyes as to how many ways and in how many places we need to “hook” our readers, constantly striving to keep them engaged and coming back for more.
Lynnette uses a structured and logical approach of enjoyable exercises to demonstrate strong and not-so-strong hooks, and then takes the time to reply to each student on their own projects. She provides prompt feedback, suggestions and encouragement. This class has definitely helped me to identify where I need to make improvements. Thanks for a great course Lynnette.” –Elizabeth Lang, writer

“I thoroughly enjoyed taking the Hook, Line, and Sinker writing class from Ms. Lynnette Labelle. The lessons were intriguing—using original material—and easy to understand. The examples were relevant to the lesson, and directions for completing the assignments were uncomplicated, needing very little time to accomplish. I liked having the interaction with both the instructor and the participating classmates. This was a class that I would take again, or a similar one; and I highly recommend it to any writer, beginners and
advanced alike.” –Donna Hole, writer