Editor’s First Aid: CPR for Your Dying Manuscript

For those of you who like to take writing classes, here’s one you won’t want to miss…

Editor’s First Aid: CPR for Your Dying Manuscript

Maybe the horror stories about the hard road to publication are keeping you from finishing your novel. Maybe you’ve had one too many rejections with no explanation. No matter what is killing your writing, it’s time to breathe a little life into your manuscript.

Not sure where to start? As a freelance editor, I’m telling you there’s only one surefire way to avoid the dreaded rejection slip—know your craft. And I mean really learn it. Knowing your craft inside and out is the only way to identify and correct the problems in your writing.

Feeling overwhelmed? Maybe you think editing just isn’t your strong suit? Don’t worry.
You don’t have to do it alone. I’ll walk you through some of the most common mistakes writers make so you can apply CPR to your dying manuscript.

In Editor’s First Aid: CPR for Your Dying Manuscript, you’ll learn about dialogue dilemmas, plotting problems, and bad beginnings, including:

• The 13 most common dialogue mistakes.

• How to avoid dialogue blunders.

• How to correct episodic writing.

• Understanding poor execution of GMCs (goals, motivations, conflicts).

• How to turn up the emotion.

• When (if ever) to add a prologue.

• All about the inciting incident and why it’s the best place to start your story.

Other benefits of Editor’s First Aid include:

• A professional editor to answer your questions.

• Opportunities to have your work professionally edited. (Samples will be randomly selected with a minimum of six critiques.)

• A chance to see real examples of how an editor looks at a manuscript.

When: August 6-31, 2012

Where: Colorado Romance Writers

Hope to see you there.

Lynnette Labelle



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