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Patricia | December 13, 2018 | 0

In Australia, more and more residents are living their full and productive lives well into their 60’s or more. Research shows that staying physically active, socialising, eating well, and a number of environmental factors can help you live a healthy and happy life as you get older. But one of the most profound queries for most older citizens still remains–how does one stay healthy and vibrant while in a Murrumba Downs aged care home?

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Your environment and how it affects your well-being

According to the National Ageing Research Institute (NARI), your environment has a big impact on the quality of your life. Feeling safe and at home in your community is paramount to your health.

This means a Murrumba or Kallangur aged care facility must be equipped with everything you need to feel warm and cosy. It should also allow you to personalise your accommodation so you don’t out of place.

Socialising and keeping involved

Some tests have confirmed that learning new skills can help keep your state of mind active, adding more protection against dementia. Being able to adapt is particularly important as you age, thus seeing friends and joining others in different activities can energise and help create new experiences to keep you alert.

So make sure to check that a Narangba aged care facility has a list of activities for socialisation.

You may want to try something that you have always wanted to do but never really had the time before like volunteering for a cause, learning a new language, playing a musical instrument or even learning new computer skills.

Arcare’s Murrumba Downs aged care facility has all these amazing things in store for their residents. The facility deeply recognises that social connections are as important as the rest of the other avenues of healthy living.

Being physically active

Australian Physical Activity Guidelines encourage older folks to do about half an hour of medium intensity workout activity on a daily basis. This simply means increasing your heart rate to a level where you can talk but not particularly sing.

You do not have to do all 30 mins in one go. You can divide it in 3 of 10 minutes each within the entire day. The best aged care facilities have plenty of open and recreational spaces if you would like to do a routine set of walking exercises.

You can alternately target the following activities each week to avoid boredom and monotony of routine:

Fitness – walking, cycling, dancing, swimming, or even water exercises. These will help keep your lungs and heart fit.

Strength – climbing stairs, doing squats, leg raises, and lifting weights target on maintaining muscle tone and bone density.

Balance – doing Tai Chi, front and side reaching, and balancing on one foot with a chair for a guide helps you stay stable.

Flexibility – stretching exercises and yoga are a must try to improve your overall flexibility.

Some people may find doing exercises alone to be challenging. You can add more fun if you get into a group fitness activity or join a team to give you that added encouragement.

With your best interest in mind, a Murrumba Downs aged care facility will provide you with every opportunity to stay healthy.

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